CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)


Detail - Magenta

Australian Pulp and Paper Institute
Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria


Digital prints on paper, acrylic
Each 30 x 35cm

The work resulted from a partnership at the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute and was part of a larger project and exhibition called Paper as Object. The artworks respond to Dr. Wei Shen's research into the characteristics of paper and ink and their interaction in the context of inkjet printing.

I wanted the work to reflect the structure and discipline of scientific inquiry; its mathematical base and desire for objectivity. I decided to work only with the primary colours used in inkjet printing and elements such as the black/yellow interface used by Wei in his tests. I also decided to include small images provided by Wei showing microscopic details of ink and paper as a means of directly referencing his work.

However, I also wanted to address the quality of colour and light and there is a marked difference between the directly visible, printed colour and the reflected colour behind the floating panel. This reflected colour, which is also visible through the pattern holes in the floating panels has, for me, a delicious quality; much like ice cream to a child.

Kevin Todd

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