Gallery View

Side View
Meta-door #1


CNC cut marine plywood, pencil
330 x 210cm overall

Although perspective may no longer be the dominant method for pictorial representation in Western art the idea of the picture window (frame) is still prevalent. This notion of the ‘window’ positions the viewer in a quasi domestic space detached from the ‘scene’ and gives priority to vision as a singular experience.

In Eastern art and particularly in Islamic architectural art the single point of view with its isolation of vision has not developed and the relationship of the viewer to the artwork is quite different. With this work the person in the gallery ceases to be a ‘viewer’ and belongs in the same space as the work. However, the concept of the door invites the participant to move to a metaphysical space beyond.

This work evolved from a year spend in Malaysia and although the work, like others in the exhibition, explores space and geometry the inherent convention of the ‘picture’ is challenged. The work originated in a computer and was cut from disk using a high pressure water jet.

Kevin Todd

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