View from Wickham Terrace Detail
Original drawings
Cathedral Place
Wickham Terrace
Brisbane, Queensland


Geometry #1-5
Anodised aluminium
Each 210 x 210cm

This work was commissioned to reflect the history of a site in central Brisbane, which is part of the city's urban mythology. Although the development involved a mixture of retail and housing, the site had long been vacant and had been the proposed location for a cathedral, which never eventuated due to a financial scandal during the 1930's depression.

The architect asked that site history be expressed in a way that did not reference any specific religion. The work has echoes of stained-glass windows but also speaks of the use of sacred geometry in many religions.

Technical considerations included UV resistance and the weight of the panels, which are attached to a lift-wall. Safety and vandalism were also a consideration given that the site is one block from Brisbane's entertainment area.

The motifs developed from reseach into the use of geometry in religious architecture and were designed on computer. The aluminium was CNC cut using a high-pressure waterjet.


Kevin Todd

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