side view

view from top of stairway

Roma Street Fire Stationl
Brisbane, Queensland

public art - concept design

CNC cut aluminium plates.

Both the Fire Brigade and Ambulance use the red checked pattern on their vehicles and this is readily identifiable to the public. This visual connection is reflected in the overall pattern of the work, which creates a visual dynamic while solving some of the practical problems associated with the wall location adjacent the station and at the base of a stairway leading to a transport hub.

The lower elements of the overall pattern are comprised of flat plate while the upper elements have protruding plates, which serve two purposes:

Providing a changing visual dynamic depending on viewpoint and movement so that the artwork for example, reads differently from Roma Street and the top of the bus-way stairs.

Creating an opportunity to reference time and environment through the creation of shadows on the outside face of the wall in the afternoons and inside in the mornings. The wall runs on a north/south axis.


Kevin Todd

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