Production     Detail     Computer Workshop
Mountain Creek State High School
Mooloolaba, Queensland.
art + community

CNC cut foam
Polyurethane coating and paint

This work was produced as part of a residency in conjunction with Education Queensland’s Art Built-in program for new buildings.

The work was created as part of a process involving senior students that included weekly computer workshops over five months. Students were introduced to vecor-based software and developed an understanding of typography before the work was produced directly from computer file. Students also visited the manufacturer and were involved in painting the work.

Each student was asked to express something of their experience at the school and the challenge of the project was to allow for individual expression within the context of a cohesive outcome. The equation provides a structure for the work as well as being appropriate for a school. The non-english phrases were provided by students from Mexico and Malaysia while the phrase “Early Morning” refers to the 7:30am start for senior students.


Kevin Todd

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